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Summary: Room For Squares Classic!

This is a great track for beginners looking to get a little bot of the John Mayer bug! As we have come to expect from John Mayer, even the 'easy' tracks have got some complicated bits, so watch out for a couple of fancy chord shapes!

The Chords: A twinkle of fancy!

For the majority of this track we are using open chord shapes that you'll be able to quickly get your fingers round, even as a beginner. However, as with all John Mayer tracks, there is also a dashing of fancy! The chord shapes that will get your fingers twisting and bending in ways you couldn't imagine. Give them a go and you'll notice a massive improvement in your playing!

The Rhythm: 16th Note swing

As for the groove, we are essentially using the same thing for every part of the song. The pattern is based on a 16th note groove, which means your count is "1 e and a 2 e and a 3 e and a 4 e and a". The pattern is as shown below.

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Still Feel Like Your Man

This track from the album "The Search For Everything" is a standout Mayer classic! For the guitar parts we use a combination of pretty cool chord shapes, including some chords you may not have attempted before (A7sus4 and A6 being the standout shapes that define the song). It's a great track to learn for your strumming hand as well, with a consistent 16th note vibe throughout. Enjoy!