Justin Timberlake is a true artist. His talent for songwriting, singing and performance is similar to the legendary Michael Jackson. His live gigs are where we really see how good he is, especially with a band of unbelievable session musicians surrounding him. His songs have plenty of awesome guitar parts played by Justin himself.

  • Soulmate
    As the initial lyric suggests (Summer starts now) this is intended as a Summer hit! Although the main chord part is clearly played on a synth, this can be easily converted into a guitar part, and a really cool one at that! Simone takes you through the chord shapes you would need to play this on the acoustic guitar, as well as the rhythm.

  • Say Something
    This track, from the album Man Of The Woods, is a great collaboration with the country singer Chris Stapleton. The song has a great groove and consists of just 4 chords for most of the track. Simone expertly walks you through it in this lesson.