Summary: Soulmate

As the initial lyric suggests (Summer starts now) this is intended as a Summer hit! Although the main chord part is clearly played on a synth, this can be easily converted into a guitar part, and a really cool one at that! Simone takes you through the chord shapes you would need to play this on the acoustic guitar, as well as the rhythm.

The Chords: Inversion Chords

Firstly, we will be putting the capo on the 3rd fret, and then we will be playing a C major, D major and E minor chord. The only difference is that we will be slightly editing the chords so that the root notes are different. This helps the chords to match up with the synth part. Here are those chord shapes, plus the Am7 that is used in the bridge.

Rhythm: Counting 16th notes

The guitar part uses 16th notes. To count 16th notes you need to say "1 e and a, 2 e and a, 3 e and a, 4 eand a", which will make one bar. As for when to then strum the chords, the pattern looks like this:

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Say Something

This track, from the album Man Of The Woods, is a great collaboration with the country singer Chris Stapleton. The song has a great groove and consists of just 4 chords for most of the track. Simone expertly walks you through it in this lesson.