Ne-Yo, having initially made his name as a songwriter, has been at the top of the R&B world ever since 2005 with his hit album In My Own Words. The singer has an almost Michael Jackson feel to his vocals, dancing ability and songwriting, but very much a modern-day version taking in all the R&B influences.

  • Closer
    The classic hit from Ne-Yo that must have been played in every club across the world, every single week since it has been released! It has a really cool guitar part that Simone walks you through in this lesson, including exactly how to do the arpeggio.

  • So Sick
    This track has a really cool guitar part, that sounds awesome on an acoustic guitar. Simone will show you a fantastic arrangement of the song, so that you can get the most out of it with an acoustic guitar (using capo on the 2nd fret).