The classic hit from Ne-Yo that must have been played in every club across the world, every single week since it has been released! It has a really cool guitar part that Simone walks you through in this lesson, including exactly how to do the arpeggio.

Chords: Two Chords

In the entire song, we will be using just 2 chords, which are basically a Csus2 and E minor 9. We also use a melody note for each of these chords to make the main melody of the song. The chords we are using are as shown below (including the two variations of the chord with the melody note).

The rhythm Arpeggio

The rhythm includes a very specific arpeggio, played with a pick. Simone walks you through the exact strings that you should be playing in the video, but essentially you are playing the C chord for 4 bars, followed by the Em chord for 4 bars. You then repeat this all the way through the song... Simple as that!

The Intro Cool picky part

For the intro of the track, we are playing a really cool little groovy lead part that includes just two notes. Simone walks you through the groove in the video, but here are the two notes you are using.

    Keep Learning: Beginners Course

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you love this tune, but find some of the basics quite hard to follow, check out our beginners' acoustic guitar course! We take you through everything you need to learn to ensure your chord playing and rhythm playing is perfect, and we make sure you lose any bad habits you may have picked up! Check out the full course here: Beginners Acoustic Guitar Course.

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So Sick

This track has a really cool guitar part, that sounds awesome on an acoustic guitar. Simone will show you a fantastic arrangement of the song, so that you can get the most out of it with an acoustic guitar (using capo on the 2nd fret).