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In this lesson, we'll be tackling that awesome chord progression played by Nile Rogers on this Chic classic. It's a great example of how you can take basic chords, add a few extra notes, add a bit of groove & you have the perfect disco funk track!

Chords: Funky Chords

The song is made up of a set of really cool chords, which are all drawn out below. Notice how we can take those basic triad chords and change the bass note to make a super cool sounding chord. Nile Rogers uses these a lot, and they are used a lot in this style.

The rhythm: 16th note counting

The next step is to understand the timing. There is a very specific sequence of hits in a staccato style (very short sound), however on the 3rd chord of each bar we let it ring out. So, following the strumming pattern below, the first two hits (first two chords) are short and staccato style, and the third rings out across the next bar.

The verse: Funky part

If you want to learn the rest of the track there is a super cool verse section which has the following chords. You will then have the full song!

    Keep Learning: Funk Fundamentals

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you liek this style of playing and want to learn more about funk guitar, funk strumming and funky chords, we have the perfect course for you. Check out our in depth funk and disco guiatr course here: Funk Fundamentals.

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I'm Coming Out

This guitar part is classic Nile Rogers! Great 16th note rhythm, classic triad chords with awesome inversions and movements across the fretboard. Getting the chords moving quickly can be a challenge, but well worth sticking at to get this super cool guitar part together.