Nile Rogers is the guitarist behind the band Chic, and is also the rhythm power behind many of your favourite disco pop tracks over the many years he has been on the scene. His collaboration with Daft Punk was perhaps the most famous, bringing his unique funky chops to some cool techno grooves!

  • Get Lucky
    What a track this is! The combination of Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk and Nile Rogers is pretty spectacular! Thomas will be taking you through those main chord shapes in the song and combine it with how to do that cool 16th note strumming.

  • Good Times
    This is a fantastic track to practice you choppy 16th note strumming... Which is the style of strumming that has defined Nile Rogers across many generations. There are some super cool chord shapes as well to try your hand at.

  • Everybody Dance
    In this lesson we'll be tackling that awesome chord progression played by Nile Rogers on this Chic classic. It's a great example of how you can take basic chords, add a few extra notes, add a bit of groove & you have the perfect disco funk track!

  • I'm Coming Out
    This guitar part is classic Nile Rogers! Great 16th note rhythm, classic triad chords with awesome inversions and movements across the fretboard. Getting the chords moving quickly can be a challenge, but well worth sticking at to get this super cool guitar part together.

  • We Are Family
    This song demonstrates the power of the funky riff! It has to be one of the most well known guitar riffs for most people, and it's all thanks to that classic Nile Rogers groove! As with most Nile Rogers riffs, it's simply based on triad or minor 7th chords, with cool little extra notes or inversions of chords. It's great fun to play and learn!