Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Uplifting Backing Track in F Lydian

This track has a really cool modern soul feel, with a loop of Am7 and Gm7 at its heart. We also use guitar harmonies to develop the track and a cool chorus section to break up the main vibe. It's great to practice your Dorian ideas over too.

Scales: G Dorian (F major)

This backing track feels very much like it's in a Dorian key, as the Gm feels like the resolve and tonal centre in the track. It is theoretically in the key of F major of course, as G is the 2nd degree of F and the second degree is Dorian. If you like you can also just think of it as F major / D minor and use your lovely D minor pentatonic. Below we have written out the F major pentatonic scale shapes and the D Dorian (F major) scales across the neck. We've also thrown in a few G minor 7th arpeggios for good measure! Have fun!

G Dorian Scales (F major)

F Major Pentatonic

Gm7 Arpeggios

Chords: 7th happiness!

This track uses a 2 chord loop for the verse and then a variety of chords within the key for the chorus, which we have listed below. These picture one way of playing each of these chords, but you can play them wherever you like of course!

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Groovy Mellow Jam Track in E Minor

Jam along to the chilled out track in E Minor. With plenty of time on each chord to try your scales and arpeggios this should get you playing some catchy licks!