In this series of tracks, we explore a variety of different modal keys, unique grooves and plenty of cool chord changes. These are just a whole lot of fun to jam to whilst learning a little more theory to boot!

  • Uplifting Backing Track in F Lydian
    This is easily one of our favourite tracks to jam along to with its addictive rhythm and uplifting chord progression. Its tonal centre is also based around F Lydian, which makes it extra fun to jam to!

  • Modern Soul Backing Track in G Dorian
    This track has a really cool modern soul feel, with a loop of Am7 and Gm7 at its heart. We also use guitar harmonies to develop the track and a cool chorus section to break up the main vibe. It's great to practice your Dorian ideas over too.

  • Groovy Mellow Jam Track in E Minor
    Jam along to the chilled out track in E Minor. With plenty of time on each chord to try your scales and arpeggios this should get you playing some catchy licks!