Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Can't Stop

Under The Bridge really feels like 3 songs in one! We have the super cool intro part, which is a real challenge to play well. Then we move into the verse with the cool Hendrix style chords followed by a crazy key change! Thomas takes you through the whole thing.

Part 1: The Intro Riff

For the intro riff, we are basically using two chord shapes, the D major and F# major chord. The chord shapes need to be the specific shapes that John Frusciante is using, which are pictured below. Notice we also match up each chord with a pentatonic shape. This is very important and something Thomas walks through.

Part 2: The Verse & Chorus

We now move into the key of E major and use a lot of barre chord shapes. There are a lot of cool flicks as well, which Thomas walks you through in the video. Here are those barre chord shapes (remember that you don't need to use the full barre!).

The rhythm Funky groove!

The basic rhythm here is as shown below, but as you develop the track you can build upon this rhythm as much as you like!

Part 3: The Bridge

When we get to the epic key change we are using the following chord shapes and going to town on the rhythm!

    Keep Learning: Jimi Hendrix Style

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you love Jimi Hendrix and really want to learn how to play in his style, including how to play chords and licks at the same time, you’re in luck! We have a course that is, as with all our course, 100% free and ready for you to use, including interactive tab! See the course here: How To Play Like Jimi Hendrix.

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Snow (Hey Oh)

This classic Chili's track is filled to the brim with awesome and challenging guitar parts. Wether you are taking on the fiddly intro section, or the main barre chords, there is plenty to get from learning it. Franco skilfully guides you through each section.