In this set of lessons we will take you through a number of classic Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes from all eras of the band, including the classic 'Californication'. In the lessons we break down the entire song from start to finish, to make sure you can learn all aspects of the songs.

  • Californication
    In this set of lessons Franco takes you through the entire song, including the lead, rhythm and chords for the classic Red Hot Chili Peppers song. By the end of the lessons you will be able to play every aspect of this awesome tune!

  • Can't Stop
    This is an absolute masterpiece of how guitar, drums and bass can work together to create an unbelievable groove. Thomas takes you through every single part of this tune, including the main riff, chords and even solo.

  • Under The Bridge
    Under The Bridge really feels like 3 songs in one! We have the super cool intro part, which is a real challenge to play well. Then we move into the verse with the cool Hendrix style chords followed by a crazy key change! Thomas takes you through the whole thing.

  • Snow (Hey Oh)
    This classic Chili's track is filled to the brim with awesome and challenging guitar parts. Wether you are taking on the fiddly intro section, or the main barre chords, there is plenty to get from learning it. Franco skilfully guides you through each section.