Summary: Fallin All In You

This Shawn Mendes track has a sort of Ed Sheeran feel to it, and contains some really lovely guitar parts that we can learn. As well as the acoustic percussive main part, we also have a cool electric guitar part that will challenge beginners to really push their chord knowledge!

The Chords: 4 chords

The four chords we need for this song are G, Em, C and D. Remember that we are using the capo in the first fret, so in theory these chords are G#, Fm, C# and D#... but as we have the capo on we can just call them the shape names. Here is how Simone recommends playing the chords:

The Rhythm: Fingerstlye or strumming

For the rhythm you will mainly use the fingerstyle technique that Simone talks through in the video, but if you want to add more dynamics to the track, you can strum through the bridge or chorus by simply playing all down strokes. You can even do this without a plectrum if you wish! As for the strucutre, we are doing as follows: G /// //// Em /// //// C /// D /// which loops around the track, with the exception of the pre-chorus / bridge: Em /// C /// G /// D /// (x2)

The Electric Guitar: Arpeggio

For the electric guitar we have a few cool bits that we will go through. The main part is the arpeggio that goes underneath the main chords. We are using a Gadd9 in place of the G major, then an Eadd9 chord for the Em, Cadd9 chord for C major and then the D major chord. The arpeggio part looks as follows. Remember that you then use these same arpeggios for the bridge, but in the order of the chords used in the bridge!

    Keep Learning: Fingerstyle Guitar

    If you love the sound of this track but struggle with the fingerstyle version that Simone was teaching, you may want to try our Acoustic bEGINNERS course level 2, where we tackle fingerstyle! It's a ful course, and totally free (As is everything on the site). You can find it here: Fingerstyle beginners Guitar Course.

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In My Blood

This guitar driven pop track from Shawn Mendes is a great example of how to layer up a track using various guitar parts and a lot of dynamics! The guitar part that drives the track is a lot of fun to learn, then if you love a bit of distortion you can go to town on the chorus!