Since bursting onto the pop scene with The Police, Sting has forged a career built on amazing song writing, high pitched vocals and cool bass lines! Although not necessarily a guitar player himself, we have a lot to learn from Sting and Andy Summers who was the guitar player in The Police.

  • Every Breath You Take
    This iconic track by Sting & the Police is Andy Summers at his absolute best. Before this track, the world didn't know what 'add9' chords sounded like... Now they do! Simone guides you through these crazy big chord shapes!

  • Englishman In New York
    This tune is essentially three songs in one, and a demonstration of Sting's master songwriting skills. The idea is that the various sounds depict this foreign place via sound, and it does an awesome job! Simone takes you through every single part!

  • Message In A Bottle
    When we're talking about classic guitar riffs, they don't get too much more famous than this. They also don't get that much harder in a pop/rock context! We once again see the awesome use of add9 chords, alongside some quick and accurate right hand picking. Simone takes you through all parts of the song in this lesson.