This iconic track by Sting & the Police is Andy Summers at his absolute best. Before this track, the world didn't know what 'add9' chords sounded like... Now they do! Simone guides you through these crazy big chord shapes!

Chords: Big shapes!

The chords in this track are pretty tricky to play, so notice how Simone only frets 3 frets at a time, to make the chord more manageable. Here are all the chords for the iconic intro part. Note: An 'add9' chord simply means that you take a major or minor chord and add the 9th note from the scale (we can also say add the 2, as this is the same note down an octave). You don't need to add the 7th.

Chorus: More chords!

As we get to the chorus we continue to blast out the add9 chords, but now with a few new places to move the shapes. The chords are as follows:

Bridge: Barre Chords

There is one final section, that simply strums through two barre chords with the rhythm shown in the video. This is a fun partto play as it's a piece of cake compared to the accuracy of the rest of the track!

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Englishman In New York

This tune is essentially three songs in one, and a demonstration of Sting's master songwriting skills. The idea is that the various sounds depict this foreign place via sound, and it does an awesome job! Simone takes you through every single part!