Summary: Call Out My Name

This is just another example from The Weeknd that proves that you can make a quality pop record with just two chords! Yep, this song only uses two chords over a 6/8 time signature. Dan takes you through the chords, rhythm and beginners version in this guitar lesson.

The Chords: Intermediate Level

The main way we would choose to play the two chords are by using barre chord shapes. This really delivers full sounding, clean chords that work well over this track. We have included an option to play the Ab barre chord with your thumb as well, as Dan shows in the video.

The Chords: All Levels

The track uses a really cool 6/8 style rhythm, very common in blues and soul music. The groove is simply one strum on the first beat, followed by a hit on the 4th beat. Remember that the hit should be instantly followed by releasing the pressure on the chord. Also, you can arpeggiate the first 3 beats as well, as Dan shows in the video. For now, here is the main groove:

The Chords: Beginner Level

If you struggle with barre chords then you may well want to try playing the song using a capo on the 6th fret. This way you can play the Abm and Ebm using just the Dm and Am chord shapes. Here are those shapes:

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