Summary: Don't Matter To Me

This track by Drake has guest vocals Michael Jackson, with Drake producing his classic laid back style vocals over the top. Although it's all based around the synth, Thomas has worked out a really cool guitar version that you can learn and play through. It's challenging, but great fun!

The Chords: Cool Extended chords

Firstly, we will be putting the capo on the 3rd fret, and then we will really be playing 4 chords: An Eb major 6, G minor, Bb major 7th & Eb major 7th chord. The chord shapes Thomas is using are shown here:

Rhythm: Fingerstyle slap!

The way Thomas plays through these chords gives you a great acoustic, percussive effect. To help you understand the rhythm, we've drawn out the rhythm pattern for you below. The red arrows include the chord on first beat of the bar, the thumb movement and the slap on the 2 and 4 of the bar! Fun fun fun!

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This super cool track from Drake's album Scorpion is all synth in the track, but we love this track so much that we've converted the synth part into a guitar part using drop D tuning. It's really easy to play and great fun to jam along to so give it a go!