Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Paradise

Summary: Hold My Girl

This beautiful little ballad is a great opportunity for us to practice our open chord changes alongside a really cool rhythm groove with the right hand. It will also open up a bit more of a fingerstyle type of playing, if you want to go down that route.

The Chords: Open chords

To start with, you will need to pop the capo on the 3rd fret to allow us to play the whole tune using open chords. We are then only using 4 chords, which are shown here.

Rhythm: Simple groove

The basic strumming pattern of this song is shown below, but it is worth noting that you can really add extra groove to the track by 'slapping' the strings on the 2nd and 4th beat. Thomas walks you through how to do it in the video!

All done?


You've now completed Song Jukebox: George Ezra and taken a huge step forwards in your guitar playing journey.

Feel free to bask in glory for a while, or go ahead and try another course if you're hungry for more.