George Ezra cites singers such as Lead Belly, Howlin Wolf and Woody Guthrie as his main influences, so you can see where his rich, soulful vocal comes from. It's that voice, combined with his impressive guitar playing and songwriting that makes him stand out so much from the crowd. When a George Ezra record gets played, you instantly know who it is!

  • Shotgun
    This track is from George's 2018 album, Staying At Tamara's and is one of the first releases. It's typically catchy chorus and subtle groove is classic Ezra. It also has some really cool guitar parts, especially in the chorus, as well as a very nice Tremelo guitar throughout the track!

  • Paradise
    This driving track from his 2018 album Staying At Tamara's is a great track for practising your powerchords and barre chord, especially your E and A CAGED chord shapes. It's such a fun track and you'll love playing along with it.

  • Hold My Girl
    This beautiful little ballad is a great opportunity for us to practice our open chord changes alongside a really cool rhythm groove with the right hand. It will also open up a bit more of a fingerstyle type of playing, if you want to go down that route.