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Summary: Paradise

This driving track from his 2018 album Staying At Tamara's is a great track for practising your powerchords and barre chord, especially your E and A CAGED chord shapes. It's such a fun track and you'll love playing along with it.

The Chords: Barre chords

To start with, we are in the key of B major and we are mainly using a B major, E major and F# major. We are also using the occasional powerchord versions of the chords as well. Generally, in the verse, we are just using powerchord versions to get the driving groove, but as the song develops we are using full barre chord shapes. Here are the chord shapes.

Rhythm: The main groove

We want a driving rhythm, which means we will be doing all down strokes, as shown below. The rhythm looks as shown below.

The Lick: B major scale

For the delayed lick that you can here in the prechorus we are using the B major scale shape 1. It's important to relate the notes you are playing to a scale, so here is the shape you are using.

Other chords: Minor Barre chords

As we go through the video and the song, a few other chords are introduced, which we have written out below. These come in towards the end of the song, so look out for them in the video lesson with Thomas!

    Keep Learning: Barre chords

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you enjoyed the song but struggle with any of the barre chord shapes then you will love our barre chord course on the site. We walk you through barre chords in a clear and structured way, steppin gup the level each time. You can find it here: Barre Chord Guitar Course. Give it a try!

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Hold My Girl

This beautiful little ballad is a great opportunity for us to practice our open chord changes alongside a really cool rhythm groove with the right hand. It will also open up a bit more of a fingerstyle type of playing, if you want to go down that route.