Summary: Shotgun

This track is from George's 2018 album, Staying At Tamara's and is one of the first releases. It's typically catchy chorus and subtle groove is classic Ezra. It also has some really cool guitar parts, especially in the chorus, as well as a very nice Tremelo guitar throughout the track!

The Chords: The verse

This song uses just 4 main chords, which are F, Bb, Dm & C. As Thomas mentions, this is 1, 4, 6, 5 in the key of F major. The main way to play these chords, as Thomas walks you through, are shown here:

Rhythm: The main groove

We want a driving rhythm, which means we will be doing all down strokes, as shown below. Remember to try and accent the 2nd and 4th beats, to help punctuate the 'back beat' or the snare of the drums. The rhythm looks as shown below.

The Chords: Verse 2

By the time the whole band is in and driving away in the track, the guitar drops out a little and uses more textural chords. We are using the same set of chords as above, but we are playing them slightly differently to avoid the lower strings, which are unnecessary at this point. Thomas plays the chord shapes as shown here, with just one strum per bar:

Single notes: Groovy Chorus line

When you hit the chorus you can either continue playing the chords, or use this cool single note percussive guitar part. Thomas walks you through it nice and clearly, but the scale you are essentially using is the F major scale in a few positions, as shown here:

    Keep Learning: Barre chords

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you enjoyed the song but struggle with any of the barre chord shapes then you will love our barre chord course on the site. We walk you through barre chords in a clear and structured way, steppin gup the level each time. You can find it here: Barre Chord Guitar Course. Give it a try!

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This driving track from his 2018 album Staying At Tamara's is a great track for practising your powerchords and barre chord, especially your E and A CAGED chord shapes. It's such a fun track and you'll love playing along with it.