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This is a fantastic track to practice you choppy 16th note strumming... Which is the style of strumming that has defined Nile Rogers across many generations. There are some super cool chord shapes as well to try your hand at.

Chords: Funky little Chords

As with a lot of Nile Rogers tracks, we have a relatively simple chord progression in theory, but thanks to creatively placing fingers in different places within the chords, we have some very unique (and long titled) chords to try out. Here are all the chords in the song, in the order they are played.

The rhythm 16th note counting

The most important part of this song is the rhythm. We need to be able to follow a 16th note strumming pattern to do this, which means you need to take this very slowly, just as Simone does in the video. Here is the pattern: (remember that the pattern includes muted strings as well!)

    Keep Learning: Funk Fundamentals

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you liek this style of playing and want to learn more about funk guitar, funk strumming and funky chords, we have the perfect course for you. Check out our in depth funk and disco guiatr course here: Funk Fundamentals.

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Everybody Dance

In this lesson we'll be tackling that awesome chord progression played by Nile Rogers on this Chic classic. It's a great example of how you can take basic chords, add a few extra notes, add a bit of groove & you have the perfect disco funk track!