This is easily one of our favourite tracks to jam along to with its addictive rhythm and uplifting chord progression. Its tonal centre is also based around F Lydian, which makes it extra fun to jam to!

Scales: F Lydian (C major)

This backing track feels very much like it's in a Lydian key, as the F feels like the resolve and tonal centre in the track. It is theoretically in the key of C major of course, as F is the 4th of C and the fourth degree is Lydian. If you like you can also just think of it as A minor and use your lovely A minor pentatonic. Below we have written out the C major pentatonic scale shapes and the F lydian (C major) scales across the neck. We've also thrown in a few F major 7th arpeggios for good measure! Have fun!

F Lydian Scales

C Major Pentatonic

Fmaj7 Arpeggios

Chords: 4 Chord fun

This track is essentially 4 chords, which we have listed below. If you would like to learn how to play the exact guitar part, you can find it here: Funk Fundamentals Lesson 10.

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Modern Soul Backing Track in G Dorian

This track has a really cool modern soul feel, with a loop of Am7 and Gm7 at its heart. We also use guitar harmonies to develop the track and a cool chorus section to break up the main vibe. It's great to practice your Dorian ideas over too.