Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Californication

This is an absolute masterpiece of how guitar, drums and bass can work together to create an unbelievable groove. Thomas takes you through every single part of this tune, including the main riff, chords and even solo.

Part 1: The Main Riff

The main riff is based around an Em, D, Bm and C major chord. Thomas walks you through all the notes in the track very carefully, but if you are unsure they are all pictured on the fretboard below.

Part 2: The Chorus

When we hit the chords we move into barre chord shapes, which are shown below (including a very cool C Major 7th chord that you may not have used before.

The rhythm Funky groove!

For the rhythm in the chorus, we are very much using a 16th note groove that involves pushing in the 2nd and 4th chord. The rhythm on paper looks like this:

Part 3: The Bridge

When we get to the bridge, we are using the same harmony as the verse, but we use full barre chords alongside the upbeat reggae rhythm. The chords are as follows:

Part 4: The Solo

For the solo, we are using the E minor pentatonic-based around shape 5, 1 and 2. These shapes are shown below. Remember to always try and match the shape with the lick!

    Keep Learning: Barre Chords

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you love this tune, but find some of the chords quite hard to follow, check out our barre chord course right here on our website. This will help you learn these difficult shapes, and really help strengthen your fretting hand, ready for more difficult chords. We also learn the theory behind the chords and apply them to some great tunes! You can check it out here: Barre Chords Guitar Course.

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Under The Bridge

Under The Bridge really feels like 3 songs in one! We have the super cool intro part, which is a real challenge to play well. Then we move into the verse with the cool Hendrix style chords followed by a crazy key change! Thomas takes you through the whole thing.